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Bag weighing powder filling machine

    The Bag weighing powder filling machine uses spiral cutting and electronic weighing technology to measure, pneumatic folder automatic bag clamping, can achieve high-precision automatic quantitative, automatic filling.

    Suitable for fertilizers, additives, flour, milk powder, washing powder, solid drinks, sugar, monosodium glutamate, compound seasonings (such as spicy fresh), natural seasonings, seeds, enzyme preparations, feed and other powder (micro powder, ultrafine powder), granules Quantitative packaging, quantitative canning.

    Weighing powder filling machine Features:

    Suitable for quantitative filling of various bottles, cans and bags

    All stainless steel, can be equipped with feeding machine automatic feeding

    Photoelectric sensor feeding, but also optional foot switch cutting

    Filling motor speed is adjustable to meet the requirements of various materials

    Automatic error correction

    Weight excess alarm

    Product count

    Technical Parameters:

    Measuring range: 1 kg - 5 kg

    Accuracy error: ±0.3%

    Packing speed: 6-12 bags/minute

    Dimensions: Length*width*height 690*1060*1900 mm

    Power and Power: AC380 50HZ·900W

Product introduction:

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Bag weighing powder filling machine

Bag weighing powder filling machine

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